Thursday, August 30, 2007


The funny thing happened to me like 5 minutes ago. Since I have been super duper busy with the house, I have no time to shop… so just an everyday MSN chat I have with hubs…you see, I have been eying the hat from GAP since like ages (well actually only 2 nites ago) and he refuse to buy it for me… and dragged me out from GAP which is having like 50% sales!!! Sooo…I wanna go back to GAP tonight and get it… out little conversation went something like this:

-lynn- says:
tonite dinner where ah?
-lynn- says:
wat do u wanna makan
foosh-x says:
no pref
foosh-x says:
no cravings
then we go hmmmmm
foosh-x says:
-lynn- says:
i wanna go 1U to GAP to get my hat
foosh-x says:
-lynn- says:
u donwan to buy for me i buy for myself
foosh-x says:
ini penanglar kawan
foosh-x says:
foosh-x says:
1U apa!?
-lynn- says:
Oooppsss i mean Queens bay ha ha ha
foosh-x says:
its QB
-lynn- says:
i am having shopping withdrawal
foosh-x says:

SO you see… I am definitely having a SHOPPING WITHDRAWAL DISORDER (SWD)

P/S: I like creating my own sickness...

A Darker Shade of Grey Day

Once again… a bad day for me… I think all bad things come in 3 rite?? So today is the 3rd day of bad news…tomorrow would be an excellent day!! *fingers cross*

Why bad??!! Well for starters…my precious tiles are cracked by the good for nothing carpenter who refuse to own up… mother fucker!!! So today they have YET to come in to replace the broken tile in my room… my god it’s gonna be so freaking messy… ah I hate this! How hard it is to replace a small roller on my sliding door without fucking everything up?? Besides cracking my floor tile, they scratch my bed head panels…IDIOTS!!! PURE IDIOTS!!!

I could not take it staying in the house so I finally came back to my office… so frustrating… and now, we have to vacate out room and sleep in the guestroom. I guess we will be in the guestroom until end of next week…hell I am not moving back to my room if they have not finished everything… I am so sick of all these people… REALLY SICK…and no matter how much I whine and complain and curse…it will not change a thing…they will remain irresponsible pigs.

OK enough of these sickening people… I want them out of my house and my life ASAP!!! One good thing… Deb’s and Via’s hens weekend this long weekend holiday!! Yay!!...all the girls are finally coming back for a huge reunion on the island of Langkawi with lotsa booze, sun and hopefully hot Brazilian guys! Ohhh I can’t wait…its gonna be fun and I pray that the sun will shine on Langkawi for the next 3 days… Till next week… Tanned body here I come (again!)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More Ramblings

As I am all alone at home keeping an eagle eye on the tradesmen, I tried to start on my reading again…. This time around I am reading “A Cooks Tour” by one of my favourite chef Anthony Bourdain ( after Nigella Lawson and in between her and Jamie Oliver)… I know he is a chef way back in New York, but in his book and show…he is just travelling around the world eating… I mean there are plenty of chefs doing that rite?? But with Tony he is different, he puts humour and sarcasm into all his remarks…which either you LOVE him or HATE him… well I happen to love him…

So ok… page 1… *ding dong* more tradesmen walking in…aarrghh dirty socks! Continue with page 1…page 2…page 3…hhmmm interesting… *bang bang bang* aarrghhh the sound of my panels being torn apart… (sakitnya hati – heart pain) interrupted reading…. Trying to get it out of my head…. Can’t hear noises… and its get louder and louder… I am trying my very best not to go have a look at the damage… and bout does it take some determination to stay away… Damn!

Page 3…page 3….page 3…. Shit… stuck at freaking page 3…the banging is sure getting to me… should I go see… no no no…. must not!!! Page 3… ahhh fuck it…I am so not getting any reading done for the rest of the day… so blogging would be the way for now…not so much concentration needed to blog or to surf the net.

Somehow… it is still getting me to… I so ‘effing need at hot stone message in Langkawi this weekend…

Oh shit I just remembered… I still have to post up my Bali photos… * saw saw saw* * bang bang bang* aarrggghhhh I must go have a look…


OH MY FREAKING GOD!!! I so should not have gone in to the room to peek… its . like a blardee war zone… oohh my beautiful panels… with beautiful fabric… *pengsaning* I have yet to fully access the damage close-up…. But it’s a…a… haiiii don wan to say now… heart to painful… FUCK…

Grey Wednesday Morning

So I suppose that today would be a better day eh? Well after what happen yesterday was bad enough, I guess so far this morning… I am still sane… half sane… well… for today…my guestroom fan is not working!!! Ba da bing…I went in this morning and voila… not on…zilch… not moving! So mah call the people to fix the fan… I have no idea what time they will come… arrgghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… i so hate this…

So ok ok … good thing is that the tradesmen came on time today… sometimes I feel they do not know what they are doing… just trial and error… f**ck them la!!! So fucking pissed off-nya!

As for my car…well it’s in the hospital being fixing…I am so changing car dee…. This one puts my life in danger!!! It’s so out to get me!!

I am praying and hoping the rest of the day would turn out for the better… FUCKING STRESS!!!!

* I need food and coffee and ciggies and ciggies….

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Car Is Dead AGAIN!

Confirm!!! My car is officially DEAD!!! They are trying to revive it so that it can make its journey back to the hospital...if not...the ambulance will come and take him away...
He has always been a sick boy... haiii... now I need transport home... dammit

Freaking Black Tuesday

*note to readers: explicit vocabulary
Blardee horrible day… frustrating… once again the blardee wall crack ( at the same blardee place) and my sliding door is not working… what next, those dirty tradesmen stomping all over my house making a whole lot of mess bringing in dust…aarrggghhh stress-nyaaaa!! And they have the chit to tell me “eh miss ah, we coming back tomorrow can-ahh? We-ah have to tear down-ah the panel to take out your door-ah, so-ah now cannot do-ah. Tomorrow-ah we come back at 11am hor.” WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THE “AHHHSSS”!!!

SO ok fine, I have to accept it right…I have to put up with their laziness and stupidity! What choice do I have? So God Bless Angie, she is helping me clean up their mess and tomorrow again. OK FINE!!

So off to my office I went… under the blardee rain… suppose to have a 2pm interview with this girl…and guess what she blardee PPK me!! How serious is this man… aargghhhh…

SO OK again…I told myself, no need to get pissed off…so I decided to drive into town to collect my framed paintings for the house…la la la la la…. Got to my car…BLARDEE HELL, my fucking stupid mini would not freaking start… it just cough and then cough again… c**t… I am so changing car! Don’t freak out I tell myself…small matter so I called the service man… apparently Auto Bavaria will send a quick help to you and sort you out… not today hosey!!!...the freaking service man’s car is block by a large trailer unloading…yes…new motherfucking BMWs!!!! And it will take fucking 2 hours… how blardee hard is it to unload cars into the showroom???!!! GENIUS!!!

So now I am back in my office, patiently waiting for the guy to turn up to fix my car. WISH ME LUCK!!!

I fucking need coffee now and a blardee cigarette maybe 10 sticks… shit head ass day! It better fucking get better from now on…

Monday, August 27, 2007

My VERY Productive Weekend

1. My nails...yes both my hand and my feet-looks like crispy duck skin now... eewwww...*disgust* (did not do that!!)
2. Colour my hair- I know its gonna fry soon if I do any thing to it!! (did not do that!!)
3. Get a blardee tan! (did not do that!!)
4. Start mastering PS3- so I can trash my hubs! (did not do that!!)
5. Cook something. (did that!)
6. Open a bottle or maybe 3 bottle of wine and get high! (did that!)
7. Ohh ohhh...go swim a few laps in the pool... ( did not do that!!)
8. Find a shop that sells good quality bacon ( did not do that!!)
9. Go shopping ( oohhh yesss….bought 3 sandals, 1 wedge, 1 peep toe and 1 running shoes!)

So much for my activities last weekend...

Weekend "Chin Chai" Cooking

I think I have given up on Chinese cooking… to me it is soooo hard… *sigh* but still can pass la… nothing fab like my MIL’s cooking… I think it’s in the messiness of the kitchen…

To me… I clean as I cook (plus drinking), to my MIL…cook then after all that only clean… *yucks* maybe my food doesn’t taste as good… *puzzled*

So as usual weekend is cooking for my Royal Majesty… I think I do better with “ang moh” food than Chinese. Then again I did something really simple from left over cream and penne and also veggies that were rotting away in my fridge… nothing to rave about… but the alcohol was good… *hehehe*

-prep area...see how clean and organise everything is-

-Hazard Warning:Drinking while Cooking!-

-end product: Penne with Cream Sauce and Bacon Bits-

Mom's Very Belated Birthday

I know it has been a while since Mom’s birthday…and being the greatest daughter on earth, I celebrated her birthday with hubs and other two friends at KuDeTa on Mom’s behalf *wink* *wink*

SO much for being a good daughter! Anyways…one of her friends decided to “pakat” with me to throw her a birthday lunch (one week late) and it turn out great… surprise her and my Dad!! (Think Dad was jealous…ha ha ha!!)

-mom's ultra rich cake..yummers-

-the small party-

*note to self: must remember to celebrate Mom’s Birthday with HER not on her behalf next year!!

*note to Mom: sorry!!! muaks!!!


Why is it every time a new place opens up in Penang, people will start flocking there...when they had their soft opening, all the more "well dressed" people were seen after a while... the "ah bengs and ah lians" are starting "party" there. I guess its a normal Penang party scene... such a nice place but no beautiful people... *sad* how I missed KuDeTa!!

But but, we still went and party on till they closed and still wanted to drink some more... the guys were totally pissed drunk... a bunch of late twenties to thirties guys with big bellies acting like they just got release from school... so much FUN FUN...

Some crazy shots to share... this kinda night have to be cherish... ha ha ha...

Friday, August 24, 2007

My Jordan...ALL MINE...

New Kids On The Block... who does not know the 5 hunks from the 90s... ahhh how I use to go GILA over them... had their posters, pin-ups, button badges, magazines, tape( it was the 90s so no CDs), videos...

I was IN lOVE with Jordan Knight... and I always tot he was the most good looking guy...he was my first crush... I used to fantasize *blush* about him... dream about him... ahhhh so handsome... I wanted to marry him *sigh* Jordan Knight....

Jordan is backkkk with Debbie Gibson (another icon from way back together with Tommy Page, Tiffany...) with a song, "Say Goodbye" ahhh Jordan still looks soooooo good... *dreamy eyes*

Things That I Need/Must/Want To Do This Weekend ( which will NEVER happen!)

1. My nails...yes both my hand and my feet-looks like crispy duck skin now... eewwww...*disgust*

2. Colour my hair- I know its gonna fry soon if I do any thing to it!!

3. Get a blardee tan!

4. Start mastering PS3- so I can trash my hubs!

5. Cook something.

6. Open a bottle or maybe 3 bottle of wine and get high!

7. Ohh ohhh...go swim a few laps in the pool...

8. Find a shop that sells good qualiry bacon

9. Go shopping

10. Plan to lose weight

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Current State of Mind on a Thurday at 4pm

One and half hour more to go...
I have facial tonite... aahhh hurry up.
Still FAT...can see my tummy bulge.
Still need alcohol in my blood.
Dammit its only a Thursday, that means I have another day of work.
Staring at my Far Side calender.
I am hungry... (maybe that is why I am FAT!)
Mmmmm KFC... *slurp* stop it stop it.... get it out...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My Current State of Mind

Yay yay...going to the beach this work on my tan which is currently uneven!
My mom says I am FAT!!!
Dammit all the tickets for Rush Hour and that Rat movie is sold out!
I need alcohol in my blood rite now.
Half an hour more and I can go home!
I am FAT...damn... I think its my hormones...
I am staring at my Cat Calender.... ( why did I buy it?? I hate cats!)
I AM BORED!!!!! ( damn still half more hour to go!)

In Da Kitchen

I cooked dinner again last night in my ultra small kitchen... tried out my MIL's Ginger Beef recipe and altered it again to suit my taste (hers is always to bland and not spicy) So I added chili padi... fuiyoh was it spicy!! I like it, and I think hubs prefer his mom's, too bad for him he has to live with my kinda cooking for the rest of his life...muhahahaha... But of coz one dish is not enough, so I boil super fast ABC soup...cepat dimasak, sedap is makan... turn out ok I rate myself 6/10 last night... guess I was so tired from work...dunno how some people can do this!!!


I manage to buy some strawberries and some red grapes from TESCO yesterday, even they looked a bit smash, but I was craving something fancy "ang moh'...manage to find a pack of waffles also... (SHOCK!!!!)

So this morning, woke up extra early ( well not really...lied!!) and prepare breakfast for me and hubs... usually is bread and whatever spread...but today it Strawberries and Grapes Waffles with Butter and Honey... kinda think of it...I am hungry now cause it was not filling at all...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wet Char Koay Teow

Sometimes when you just sit back and take a look at your past…you will remember things that you would never think about. Just like today, I was surfing online in Friendster and I found a picture of “wet char koay teow” that was only cooked in my high school canteen!!! Oh how I live eating it… and oh how I missed it now… It may look yuckie disgusting…but I tell you it is damn gooooodddd…..

Monday, August 20, 2007

Bali 2007

And YES I am back from Bali and once again suffering from PHD (Post Holiday Disorder/ Depression)!

- our sad faces at the airport...bye bye Bali Babi Guling-

It was a good 4 days holiday that was way way overdue… even at the current moment my tummy is still funny…(suspect of mild food poisoning) but the memories was ahhhh I shall share…

Arriving at Bali with the sun shinning…heaven…arriving at our villa with the sun shinning… OH MY GOD…HEAVEN ON EARTH!!! Ha ha ha… our villa was gorgeous… two small private villa separated by our own private pool and living/kitchen in one huge villa! What more can I ask for… (maybe staying there for like a month!!!)

We did the usual touristy stuff ( you know kana slice left and right)…but there were fantastic times. The highlight of the whole trip was Ku De Ta…the people there oh my god…sooooo beautiful… like they just walk out from the glossy fashion magazine…must admit I look like sooo pale amongst all of them… but but…the food and the drink was damn ex…tried to console ourselves that in order to see beautiful people we would have to sacrifice our $$$.

- pink mojito yummer deliciousmers-

-dinner at the famous Ku De Ta, damn i forgot to buy their CD!-

Next highlight: clubbing at Double Six (66), once again full of beautiful tanned people… by now our tanned seem ok dee…but need plentiful of work. Debs and Kaw had their pre-wedding photo shoot which we did not get to tag along… I am 100% sure that their pictures will turn out fantastic!!!

Ibu Oka’s babi guling (Bali’s version of a suckling pig) was a challenge… oh my my something I will always remember… I felt like Anthony Bourdain suddenly…eating all the spare parts… I am beginning to suspect that my mild food poisoning was from babi guling…

-my plate of unfinished Ibu Oka's Babi Guling-

We ended our trip with ultra expensive seafood at Jimbaran and lotsa shopping at Kuta and Ubud…left us well almost penniless… ha ha ha…swear to ourselves we will return to Bali… and be amongst the beautiful people once again!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Stila Makeover

Girls just wanna look good... that's rite! Last nite, the girls and myself went for a Stila our make up and hair done... did a mini photoshoot... wah feel like models... so funny the whole experience... but it was fun to spend some quality time with my best friends... The best part bout it was with RM160 we got a 4 colour pallete, 2 lip glosses, 3x4R photos of us... and can enter the Cleo/Stila Cover Girl contest...but of coz I am going to enter...hahahaha... (one look at my photo, the judges will toss it out the my optimistic can I be?)

-me in my short crop after the hair and make-up. Damn the eye liner...making me all teary-
-another season photo-


Monday, August 13, 2007

Overdue Pics!!

- darren, weels, dr. ang & ernie drunk!-
-it was you wasn't it biatch-

- the seasons photo male version-

- @ bagan-

- at 32 (no not our age mind you!)-

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Daily Whining

I am so sick and tired of tradesmen coming over to fix and repair stuff… can’t they blardee do it once and properly and get it over and done with?? I think I might have whine about this before… *sigh* Over the last two days I was at home, looking at all the tradesmen tearing a part of my room wall down and patching it up…plus installing skirting (is that what you call it?) for the entire house… you might think it’s a small job… well that is what I thought…it is la… but they made a huge mess out of everything… my whole house was so messy…covered with dust and saw dust and god knows what… so u can imagine my stress level… I think it ran out of scale!!!

Thank God it is over FOR NOW!! I think they will be back as I found a few hairline cracks on the door frame… I know I know… it’s just a blardee hairline crack…I paid for those damn doors and it better f**cking don’t have any cracks… I think I am going insane!!

And that is not it…it has been for almost a month and the blardee phone line going thru some attitude problem… one minute is ok the next minute its dead… arrggghhh TM konon-nya. STUPID…and then then…I can’t blardee install a water filter cause I have to get approval from the BLARDEE management and BLARDEE PBA (which I have submitted the letter yonks ago) Now we are carrying water from mom’s house every 3 days… aarrgghhhh so annoying…

On a different note, I NEED TO CHOP MY HAIR!!! Going to do it tonight… hopefully I have the guts too…


Monday, August 06, 2007

Visitors: The Chongs

We had more visitors over during the weekend. This weekend we had my Uncle Liang ( mom's youngest brother; my childhood play buddy) over with Aunty May Sim (which I call her by her name...I know...I know... its rude...but we are almost the same age!!!)
Baby Kai Ern and her brother Wei Wei visited us as well.. I call them the cry babies... so hubs bribed Wei Wei with PS3 and i bribed baby girl with biscuits... kept them quiet for a long time...hehehehe...

-baby ern with mommy-
- still chomping on the bickie-

-Wei Wei totally engrossed with Ridge Racer 7-

Home Cooked Meals

I started cooking for the first time in our new home... on Saturday night, I made Roast Chicken Penne With Mushroom and Herb Cream Sauce. It was good... (perasan case me!)
-roast chicken-

-final product--accompanied by a 2003 chianti-

On Sunday night, I made a simple chinese meal for hubs...

-Black Sauce Chicken with Dried Chillies-
-garlic vege-

Manage to do all of that in my mini kitchen... I do hope I will be able to cook more...very enjoyable actually... Blissful...

Friday, August 03, 2007

Blardee Hell Those Lizards

Saw my first lizard last nite. (i knew it...i knew it...!!) exactly where I tot it would appear... the freaking balcony on top of the water feature... hubs blames it on the new neighbour...Damn those lizards...

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Icky Lizards

I HATE LIZARDS!! PERIOD… No shit bout it… those icky reptiles… (they are reptiles rite…?) Anyhoos… currently our house has no lizards YET!!! Thank God for giving my few months of peace… but I am dreading the moment I find a lizard in the house… I will so freak.

Unfortunately, I know that they are somewhere…and I found their shit near our water feature… and I have a strong feeling… there will start to appear from there… dammit!!!

-area most likely to have first sighting of lizards-

Does anyone know of a lizard repellent?? Please help!!!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

At Chrissy's Wedding

-giving the bride a hug!!-

2nd Housewarming Weekend

Everyone had finally left… sad… been super crazy for the last 1 week… after sending the in-laws back to peejay, waited for the hubs peejay friends and other halves to visit… it was great…

Friday nite had my two best friend visit our new place… popped a bottle of Moet & Chandon and a Cab Sav, watch a bit of Will & Grace, gossiped while waiting for the rest to arrive.
-started with Moet and ended with beer-
The peejay crew finally made their appearance at 2am in the morning… siau… continue with many cans of beer and puke like 4 times…finally went to bed drunk at 5am. Woke up with a terrible hang over…fui yoh damn tiring… but fun! The whole weekend was again filled with eating, swimming, gossiping playing with hubs new PS3 and BBQ and a bit of gambling… hehehehe… celebration mah!!! (2nd house warming weekend!)
-preparing my legs for mossies invasion-

-BBQ at the orchard-
-Mang and CK-

Now just looking forward to finally settle down and get back to work properly… I seriously dunno how I did it last time working and keeping a home in Melbourne! *puzzled*