Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Found Me

It has been 3 months exactly since we came back to Melbourne and tomorrow, we will be heading back to Malaysia. And today, hubs and me officially signed our lives to each other four years ago... my my how time flies! Next thing you know, we will be old and wrinkly...with no gigi.

And when we are back in Malaysia, our schedule will be jam pack!! The next half of the year will be filled with moving houses, weddings and best of all more adventures to kick off 2011! Can't wait!! It will be AMAZING!

What was also amazing was our recent roadtrip to South Australia. 12 days of living out from the car (and some nice villas and apartments)! and going to some amazing places and getting lost on the way. I must say, it was the best time I had with hubs so far....everything was just chill...we did watever we wanted and go where ever we want and there is no internet or mobile service!! Now that is what I call A wake up and you do not know what time it is, you do not know what day it is...and you don't even care! And I always tought that I can be that relax only on a beach holiday, but nah...this was different kinda relaxing, chilling by the fireplace with a glass of wine after a whole day of fun... I surprise myself on this trip...I discover a bit more of myself and I actually faced some of my fears :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Soccer at UnGODLy Hour

World Cup 2010 just ended 2 hours ago...nope, I did not stayed up for it but I woke up at 7am ( Melbourne time) just in time for the one and only goal of the final!...Poor hubs, he stayed up the whole night and morning just for the game. Anyhoo, I am not any big fan of any kinda of sports, even if it is the hype of the year, and no Paul the octopus does not impress me...I net he taste good on a grill with teriyaki sauce!  BUT I must say....the Spaniards soccer players are HOT!!!!