Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Art Of Making Babies: IUI Cycle 3.1

Day 2 of Gonal-F injection.

Round 3 of ovarian stimulation and IUI.

3rd time is a charm.... let this saying be true.

Emotionally still not very stable but slightly better.

I wonder sometimes, how do people go through all these fertility treatment month after month with negative results and still keep on going? It is so tiring...emotionally, mentally and physically.

I hope I can be as strong as some of these women...

The dissapointment is heartbreaking. And it puts me in a very "blur" position. Like a big grey cloud over my head.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Art Of Making Babies: IUI Cycle 2 Part 5

BFN!!! Yups! We got a BIG FAT NEGATIVE on my blood test.

Not pregnant!!

Whoa...was I dissapointed... this time, the dissapointment is bad... I cried for the whole day...I was so sure that it will work... but it did not.

Our first IUI that failed, I did not even cry... but man.... this time around I was in a mess for 2 days.... and then my Aunt Flow decided to rub salt into the deep wound by visiting!

Well, after some breaking down moments.... we decided to jump into another cycle of IUI immediately  which would be our last try. People say the third time is a charm... if not then we will move on to IVF....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Doing Absolutely Nothing @ The Andaman

Last weekend hubby treated me to a 3days and 2 nights of pure BLISS of doing absolutely nothing straining or stressful.


The Andaman was just a treat for me... since it was a low peak season, there was practically no one around. Located on Datai Bay of the Andaman Sea, the sea was calm, clean and the sand was mighty fine. The whole experience of being lazy and pampered starts from here. 

The minute we walked into the resort, there was the beating of traditional gong to announce our arrival, then we were quickly welcome and ushered into the huge lounge overlooking the Andaman sea and served cold lemongrass tea and cold towels while all the paperwork was going on. The GM Ms. Anne Scott was a charmer! So was the F&B Director, Gindo. Checking in was a brief, no standing at the counter hassle... As we were escorted into our   room which was sea facing, we were greeted with our luggages in the room.... Honestly I did not notice where our luggages were when we walked into the resort...I think some guy must have took it out from the car... who cares!! It was in our room.... too bad I did not have a butler to unpack my bags!! Maybe the Four Seasons have that.....

The day then started with a lazy lunch by at their main restaurant and a quick walk around the resort... then it was bikini (check), iPad (check), iPod (check), sunblock (check), hot hubby (check) and to the private beach we went. 

That was what we did for the next 3 days, we did not move...ok maybe to go for a dip in the sea and occasionally the pool, the rest was done by the staff, every one hour, the staff will bring us fresh fruits, cold towels, drinks...all complimentary...and if I need anything else to eat, I just lift my lazy arms and the menu will appear right in front of me :)

And every night after hours of lazing around, we have pre-dinner cocktails before heading for dinner. OK the food is so - so only...nothing fantastic about it.... but I was not there for the food, I was there for the "doing nothing" part.

On the last day, the resort allowed us to check out at 6pm! BONUS!! so we spend the afternoon at their spa. And OMG, it was the best 2 hours of pure relaxation I had in months!!!

Our spa pavilion is secluded among the rain forest and overlooks the Andaman Sea. It's open air and while hubs and I were being scrubbed and massaged, it was just us, our massage therapist, the sound of the forests and the sound of the ocean. Not even a soul, a vehicle, or anything that reminds us of the daily rat race. After all, the V Botanical Spa @ Andaman was awarded one of the best 6 spas in Asia 2010 by Conde Nast magazine and many more awards which I can's seem to remember...

Oh well... the weekend did burn a deep hole in hubby's pocket, but he always want whats best for me....

Truly blessed and blissed out....

Monday, May 09, 2011

The Art Of Making Babies : IUI Cycle 2 Pt 4

I told a friend that I will only celebrate Mother's Day when I become a mom. Sounds so conceited rite... it shows my desperation of becoming a mummy... Of coz I do celebrate Mom's day... Last weekend we celebrated it in KL with my mom-in-law and yesterday we celebrate if with my mummy dearest.

In conjunction with Mother's Day, I did my IUI procedure. This time it was much much bearable that the first time. This time around, I knew what Dr. D was doing and I was more relaxed and not so anxious. So the nurse put me on the procedure table bed and was ask the open wide. Dr. D inserted a tool to keep open my uterus and he went on to prep my uterus wall ( cleaning and brushing) was rather uncomfortable but not painful, then hubs and I were shown to a test tube that contained hubby's most powerful boys. Just like that , Dr. D insert a long tube into my uterus and "beam" the little boys into me. We were shown on the scan the whole procedure but hubs sed all he could see was black and white screen, to him it was like a lost transmission! After the whole procedure, I was told to not move for a good 20 mins. And just like that it was over and I was sent home to rest and fingers and toes cross, in two weeks, A BIG FAT POSITIVE!!!!!

Dr. D told me to take it easy for the rest of the 2 today hubs surprised me with  ( no not a new bag ) a mini weekend away at The Andaman, Langkawi!!! He is good to me :)

Friday, May 06, 2011

The Art Of Making Babies : IUI Cycle 2 Pt 3

Just done with Dr. D at his clinic.After 7 days of Gonal - F injections, he found one (yes one again) very gorgeous looking follicle which is already big enough to hatch ( OMG ! I sound like a hen !) I was very surprise and so was he. 

Anyhoos, he gave me a trigger shot Ovidrel to hatch the egg and tomorrow morning I am going in for my IUI procedure!! I am super excited! So there we go, after the procedure tomorrow then we will have to wait for two whole weeks before knowing if we are pregnant. If yes then woohooooo, if no, then back to the drawing board. Life is full of ups and downs.... please give me an upper since I have not have one for a long time. Life cycle...

In the mean time, I am told to relax, and chill and be a Zen master :)