Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Charming President

In my records, President Obama is "the" hottest President EVER. Looking back at all the Presidents of the United States or for any country that matter, he is one goodlookin man and such a charmer! Lets hope he will change America and pick up the mess Bush left behind... he has such a hard job to do in front of him, then again, with his charm I think he will do well!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

2.55 : A Fashion Icon

I have "partially" arrived at the high fashion status!( Will be full fledged when I own a Birkin and a Kelly) I finally owned a classic black Chanel 2.55!!! How in the world did this happen!! Simple... Hubby! My treat for 2009!

When he saw it at the window display I asked him if it was nice, and knowing him, he hates me buying bags he said it was very nice indeed and asked if I wanted to go in and have a look! HELL YA!!!In we go and when he nodded "yes" to get the bag I was in bag heaven floating and trust me until now I still have not touch the ground...pinching myself every second!I am still all tingling from the touch and the smell of the fine calf leather and the exquisite stitching.

There are people out there who would not agree with the purchase and would think that with the amount of $$ spend on the bag it can be put to a better use. I AGREE but in my (weak) defense its a BLOODY 2.55!!! A True Fashion Icon.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Beach Goddesses At Work

The Hunt for New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone...yes I know I am a wee bit late but hey better late in wishing than never wishing at all!

A bit of update on me!

1. managed to lose about 3 kilos over December 08 and now
2. my journal is still sitting on my desk unopened from my last blog entry
3. still an alco
4. my cactus died! how can a cactus die?? told ya I do not have a green thumb
5. still do not have an even tan

This year I am going to make sure:
1. stay below 55 kilos and eventually BE 50kilos
2. get pregnant ( then will have to delete no 1.)
3. save more $$ ( stop shopping regularly online!!)
4. work harder ( stop procrastinating at work)
5. spend less time on FB (it is evil)