Wednesday, December 26, 2007

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Merry Christmas ( a bit too late) and Happy New Year!

My Christmas this year was BORING!!! parties, no dinners…nothing…zilch… We spend the whole of Christmas Eve and Christmas watching movies on HBO…how sad is that…

Let’s just hope my New Year will not be that bad…

Let see… since we are at the topic of New Year… I will list my resolution… like everyone else…I tell myself I will sooooo stick to it!!! But after the 1st week… Resolution?? What resolution?? Next year la!!

1. Will stop smoking…have been my resolution since I started ages ago!
2. Will lose weight, about 10 kgs… also have been my resolution since I knew what Fat is!
3. Consume less alcohol…will not happen, but just wanna make my list look longer
4. Spend less on unnecessary items… yes I think I will stick to that…
5. Have a baby or two…IT’S A MUST!!!
6. Try not to be agitated with impossible people because it is sad that they are not blessed with a brain i.e. horrible insane drivers, crazy aunties in shopping mall, Q-cutters, government servants, sensitive people and those that drive me up the wall!
7. Hapuskan my habit of procrastination at work!!
8. Get more money!!!
9. Have more sex! Like maybe 3 times a day…ha ha ha
10. Try not to be so anal!!

So there you have it… MY RESOLUTION…which I will not keep to it… not all… maybe 20 % of it!

Monday, December 24, 2007

My Hubby The Christmas Reindeer

Things we do in the office when we are super bored!

Keg Party

Despite my grandfather-in-law’s passing… we had a Christmas/Heineken Keg Party at Ngiam’s mansion. Ah man… hubs was so drunk until he had projectile puke…totally gross!!!

Heaven In BMW

This is the reason why I love to go to the BMW showroom....

I Do Have A Social Life!

In case some people out there think I have no social life… (sometimes I think I don’t have one!!) I DO!!! (just to reassure myself –hehehe) Even if it is with the same bunch of people… I do go out… I am not some fuddy duddy aunty who just know how to clean and cook… I am still young …I am still very very young…

The Passing of The Very Ancient Chan Leong

In case anyone was wondering where did I drop into for the last one week…? (like anyone would notice-lah)… my grandfather-in-law of 103 years old pass away…very peacefully you might add.

So…like any good granddaughter-in-law would… we went back to Rawang for his 3 day funeral. To be honest, I have never seen a dead person (beside on TV) so it was my very first experience… well… Ah Yeh looks very very peaceful…like he was sleeping… but then the second day he got a bit dried up…ha ha ha… and the third say well basically he was decomposing… very band embalmment job!

So on the first day we took a 3 hour drive back to Rawang to 3rd uncle’s house where the funeral rites was being perform… nothing much until the night where there was the Taoist monks to do the *ching chong chong* ceremony which I do not understand a word…so basically monkey see monkey do lah!

Second day…same thing…my crazy parents drove from Penang to Rawang to pay their respect and drove back to Penang… physcho!! But it was soo totally sweet of them.

The third day, we had to wake up at un-godly hour for the funeral procession… it was super tiring with all the kneeling and bowing and squatting… Actually kinda think of it, it was more like a family get together and eating and laughing more like a funeral…

What was absolutely shocking was Ah Yeh asking for hubs and me!! ME!!! He never knew who I was or what my name was…on his dying bed he remembered me and my name!!! SO SUPER SWEET of him!! People say when you are dying your memory is superb… like you ate the whole gingko tree!

So with all this drama… we have been banned from going to any weddings or any happy occasion for 100 days… a period of mourning according to the elders… but the thing is we are not mourning… we were wearing red… his death was like a celebration because he is ancient. But better don’t piss off the elderly… bad karma… so follow whatever they say… nothing much I can do.

Now I cannot go to my best friend’s wedding, my ex housemate’s wedding and my other best friend’s wedding (yes I have more than 1 best friend….very greedy!!)

Monday, December 17, 2007

This Morning...

...I woke up with a back ache, a migrain and I am constipated!
I seriously wanna go home and crawl under my blanket and go to Z Z land...

Friday, December 14, 2007


My parents will be celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary next year!

Guess what??

I am planning their big celebration… yay!!! Of coz with the help of my wedding planners… double yay!!! I love working with both of them… they make everything so easy and they calm me down most of the time!

Problem? Number of invited guest! Same problem we had during my wedding last year…you see…my ‘ol Dad wants to invite the world… and the more people you invite the less intimate the party becomes. He does not GET IT!!! To him the more people the merrier!

As for mom, she just wants close family members and close friends… the end… simple…

I prefer mom’s idea… why? its more personal… I can do my little place cards, personalized gifts, more quality food and drinks which people will appreciate.

So So So… my new project for next year if everything goes well…besides trying to conceive and renovate my mom’s house is to plan my parent’s Anniversary Dinner… YAY!!! FULL ON!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Rebellion's Transport

Got our new car today... yay!!! Must go buy 4-D....

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Me, A Wifezilla

I was once a Bride-zilla… and now I think I am a Wife-zilla… and soon I will be a Mom-zilla…

Wife-zilla…I actually googled it…came out to some porn site…ha ha ha… but my term of being a Wife-zilla is cause I am one… I am d “zilla” in every role I am … ANAL and DEMANDING… and CONTROLLING

Why am I a Wife-zilla?

Conversation No 1:
After hubs dress up for work; leaving the closet doors open with the empty hangers inside.

Me: B, why can’t you just take out the empty hanger after you take your shit?? Why the hell must you leave it in there?
Hubs: Why must you take it out?
Me: Cause it is taking up space and its ugly.

Conversation No 2:
Me: Can you please vacuum the floor, I need to mop
Hubs: But you just did it last night
Me: are you gonna do it or do I have too?

Many other one way conversations:

Me: Can you please take out the rubbish
Me: Please off the lights
Me: Can you don’t leave your towel on the floor
Me: GET off the PS3
Me: What DO YOU mean you don't like my soup?? DRINK IT!!!

I think I am sick… but hey once you turn a “-zilla” you will never turn back….ha ha ha…

Family Portraits

Geli-nya… but I have a “perasan” nature…so don’t care…

About a few weeks back… I think it was 2 weeks ago; my dad had a photographer to come in to his office to set up a temporary studio to take his corporate photos and some family photos. So as usual…I was up for the family photo part… but I think I look horrible… I blame the photographer… not professional enough… ha ha ha…

So let’s reveal our formal portrait….tadahhhh…..

OK…I seriously look like “lau ee” (aunty)…haiiii…. I think it’s the fatness… No NO… it’s the photographer…dunno how to capture my attractive side…

OK this is far the best... so this will be hanging at our wall... seriously... can't stress enough the photographer is shit man... the lighting all wrong... chiu...

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Glam Wedding of Dr. & Dr. Ang

Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Ang!!!

Did not manage to party much with the bride and groom on their big day… (they are busy people you know…celebrities for the night!!!)

So we had our own party…ha ha ha…

The wedding reception was Hollywood glam… to me la… very rarely we attend weddings that requires the men to be in tuxedos and ladies in long gowns… so glamming up for the night was ultra ultra fun!!!

Plus it was good to see old friends…and to get drunk and meet new people… *sigh* I LOVE WEDDINGS...Glam ones ha ha ha…

P/S: Congrats to CenYen and Josh on their engagement!!!

OK picture time…we are such camwhores…so old dee somemore act like 18 years old…click here and click there… *eyes rolling* but shiock what!!!

I Am Not Pregnant...Just FAT!!! Bugger Off

After much nagging and finger pointing and other rude comments from my mom, my aunties, other people’s aunties, and total strangers on how FAT I am… asking me if I am pregnant… (NO BLARDEE HELL NO!!! FOR THE LAST TIME I AM JUST PLAIN FAT AND I HAVE BAD WATER RETENTION!!!!)

I have decided to do something… actually I am sick of whining about doing something bout my weight… I really should…really honest…

So I went to yoga, gym, swimming and sauna… SAUNA! A place which I almost chocked to dead cause it was too hot and stuffy!!! But it was good seeing my sweat oozes out from my pores… it is as if my fats were melting… WRONG… its just water… but honestly I felt better after the sauna… slept like a baby… maybe It’s because I have super tired from all the exercise and heat!!!

The Wedding Of The Sleeping Tiger...

The last of the Four Fingers got married… I do not know why he calls himself the Sleeping Tiger… but its just Chun Kit…

As usual… the groom was gone… REALLY GONE!!! As for the Bride...she was also there-la!!

-now lets see... we have Mrs. Chan, Mrs. Lee, Mrs.Lim and Mrs. Ngiam (starting clockwise from me)-

-the four fingers-

-with the bride and groom-


-totally GONE!!! (and this was the nite before his wedding)-

Don't Leave ME...PLEASE...

Celebrated Ma’s birthday at Montes…it has been such a long long time… I think almost 6 months since I have seen any of them… talk about being a good friend!! Me me… I sometimes think I am not a good enough friend to my girls… I hardly see them and I only make special appearances during birthdays, engagements and weddings!!

I wonder if one day they will all leave me!? NAH!! I am too cute and nice… ha ha ha…PERASAN CASE!!! I seriously have no shame!!!

-the birthday girl and us-

Friday, December 07, 2007

I Have A Shit-Ass Diet!

Yes I do!! My diet will put any nutritionist to their grave… I love fatty food… I love to indulge in alcohol, fried food, curries, carbs…

Oh yes I love them and they are the cause of my very very very BIG love handles and flabby tummy!!! Plus big arms and legs… the only good point to being fat for me is that I have breasts!!! That is all…

My Maternal Instinct

Been on self declared MC for 3 days… my aunt flow decided to visit me after being late for 2 weeks!

AND I thought I was pregnant… so I happily went to the pharmacy and got myself 2 pregnancy test kit… went home…tore one open and peed on the stick…

DAMN…negative…not pregnant…no Hayman Chan or Haylie Chan (yes we were going to name them after the Hayman Island…I know it’s lame…but we are lame people mah!!!) ) *chuckles*

Really really really want to be pregnant…my maternal instinct is so strong now… I am dreaming babies…everywhere I turn to I see pregnant women…my friends are pregnant…I look like a pregnant woman…doesn’t that means something???!!!

Disappointed actually…there is always next month!!! Must work harder in the bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen…. Ha ha ha ha…

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Out Cold....

....will be back soon....siaran tergendala...

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Body Ache, Muscle Ache I Am Just Aching

Yes I am aching all over... which means that I had a good workout last night! Now I remember why I hate all form of exercise be it intense or relaxing… anything to work any part of my body that ends up with me sweating profusely and then wake up with a body ache is a no-no!!

This morning I can’t even blardee put on my bra and shirt as my arms was hurting so bad… my legs are like burning…my tummy hurts when I laugh and to make matters worst…I blew my workout session with a drinking session until 2am in the morning… stumbling back into my room drunk!

But because of me complaining day in day out about looking like an over fed whale… I think the aches will do me good in the long run! And I will try to be more healthy…drink less, stop smoking and exercise!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


OK peeps… I am going to start yoga AGAIN!!!! Shocking but it has come to a point that I need my colleagues to push me to attend classes with them!!

I hope that I can really stick to it… maybe belly dancing next… ha ha ha…who am I kidding rite?

Seriously I hope I can last through 1 month of classes… *fingers cross*

Feel like a beached whale turned over and died!!!
And worst of all... I feel like I can get fatter by just sucking air!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

After Effect of Being Burnt

Wedding Season

7 weddings in the month of December… that is a lot of weddings… but unfortunately 2 weddings clashed so we have to choose… to attend the wedding of hubs best friend in KL or to attend a high society all expense paid lavish wedding in Singapore? I wanted the later, but we MUST attend the one in KL if not my hubs would probably divorce me…ha ha ha…

With so many weddings and all weddings of very very close personal friends, I am overwhelmed with the need to lose weight, and knowing that would fail (it is failing already), I need to find dresses that flatters me… I am gigantic!!

Actually I don’t mind to be gigantic…just less body fat and flabs…that would be ok… GOD??…did you hear me?? I need a miracle to zap all the fats away!!! HELP ME GOD!!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Me In The Office

I know I have like heaps of work to do in the office…but I am once again catching myself procrastinating!!!

What do I do?

1. Check my emails every 5 mins… take an awful long time reading and replying mails that contains the latest gossip (meaning non-work related).

2. I am permanently on facebook

3. Blogging

4. Read newspaper (only the variety section and trying to look very into it!!)

5. Day dream

6. Strategise on how to lose weight

7. Think about what I wanna eat for dinner

8. Go to the water cooler every 15 mins

9. Go to the toilet every 30 mins

Damn I seriously need help to focus!


Ok folks... I am back in the sunny island of Penang!
Super busy now... finally went back to work... my GOD!!! the piles and piles of documents on my desk is absurb!!!
So will finish my work first... before I start procrastinating!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Note

OK…today it’s raining (so bloody depressing!) temperature drop more than 10 degrees Celsius compared to yesterday!

Tomorrow we will be taking the morning flight back to Penang… *sad*… feeling a bit down cause time passed by so fast!!

Well… we have a super packed schedule waiting for us back in Penang until after Chinese New Year! The year end wedding season for us will start the minute we land!! AND I have nothing to wear!!!

Alritee… I have to continue packing…yes I always pack last minute…see ya in Penang!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Still On The HOT Stuff Topic

Just finish dinner and still damn freaking HOT!!
The wind is like hot wind, and it is bloody dry...for once I actually missed the humidity back home! Ahhhh the tropics!
How the hell am I going to sleep tonight with only one pathetic standing fan aiming at my arse!

HOT Stuff

It is our last Monday in Melbourne…and it is freaking 37 degrees Celsius!!!


And there is no air conditioning at home!! I am like frying/baking/grilling/steaming in the house!!! Really need to get to a shopping mall with full blast air-con…aargghhhh HOT!!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Drama at Pinto

Talk about dramas!!! I was just sitting checking mails on my laptop in the kitchen island… and all of a sudden this man jumped into my garden… scared the shit out of me!!!!

Apparently, he was a policeman in plain clothes…so he flashed his badge and id to me and asks me if I have seen a particular man walking around… and he asked me to keep my doors lock!!

And then he jumped over to my neighbour’s house… what did I do?? Nothing! I was SHOCKED!!!

I quickly called for hubs and he came downstairs told him all about it and he realise that there were policemen running about our neighbourhood… I think it was some robbery or something cause soon after that there were police helicopters around our estate…

I am all jittery now… dunno if they caught the man or not but I am like checking every room in the house, every closet…every nook and cranny… AND I have the police on my speed dial!!

I hope I can sleep tonight…hubs not helping at all cause he keeps scaring me about the intruder… what a sweet loving hubs I have!! *rolling eyes*

P/S: Victorian policemen are gorgeous…with nice bod, sooo stylo!! HHmmmm I like!!!

For 2008

I have been bitten by the holiday bug since 2006...still suffering from this virus ha ha ha...
Next BIG vacations for 2008:
1. Alice Springs, NT to see the big rock!
2. African Safari in Tanzania and Kenya; and visit Luan and Adel in South Africa.
3. New Zealand, just because...ha ha ha...
Other must visits:
1. Mauritius
2. Whole of Italy!!!
3. Egypt
4. Nepal
5. India...yes India...
6. Spain
7. The States ( I think dad would be happy if we were to even consider going there ha ha ha!)
OK...I need to gotak a shower and head to Chaddy for ore shopping...

1st Wedding Anniversary Holiday!

I am super lazy to write about our Hayman Island holiday...but I can assure was blardee fantastic... So in replacement of my broken English and bad grammer... I think its best that the pics describe the place...ha ha ha


-hubs chilling??? SHOCK!!!-
-sunset on Hayman-
-so burnt-

-on our balcony enjoying beer and ciggies!-

-hubs and his food-note the facial expression!!!-


-another shot of sunset-

-chillin by the pool-

-view from our room-

-hubs and my poison-

-the white whitehaven beach-

-private picnic on whitehaven-

-me me me on our blue helicopter-

-champers on whitehaven-

-welcome to Hayman Island Resort-

-snaps fo part of the HUGE Great Barrier Reef-

-bye bye Hayman-onboard the Sun Experience back to Hamilton Island-