Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ramdom-ness From Empti-ness in Boredom-ness

Tomorrow is 1st of May. Once again...where the 'effing hell did the time go??!!

My dad bought a new car for his gf ( my mom) NASTY CAR!!!!

My in-laws are here for the long weekend.

There is a circus in town ( my cousin's wedding) - I don't get along well with this gold digger cousin brother of mine...good for nothing and my dad is paying for his wedding! *&^%##$%^*&$#@!

I was down with infected gums! ( yes I brush and floss)

Found love with Twitter. So follow me...and twit twit twit


Monday, April 27, 2009

A Perfect Cuppa Latte @ Home

In case some of you do not really "REALLY" know me and hubs. We are obsessed with a good cup of coffee to the point that we bought NOT one but TWO espresso machines. One for our home in Melbourne and one for our home in Penang!
- our espresso station @ The View-

Yes, we love our lattes and we are always one the hunt for great coffee beans... Please bear in mind, we do make our coffee the brewing way, nor the drip way, nor the instant coffee way. We do it ( well hubby is my personal barista) the correct way!HELL we even have our own coffee grinder just to make sure we have perfectly fresh coffee. And even when it comes to the milk, we search high and low for the perfect combination ( in Penang la, in Melbourne all is good)
-'ze grinder-

-look at the crema!!-

-a prefect cup of latte-

Trust me, it's one of the best in Penang.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Afternoon Inspiration

I dunno why, but today is a super damn B.O.R.I.N.G. DAY! So I mah read blogs I do everyday, but today more hardcore la! I included many entries posting, lotsa of twittering and FB to the max

Came across Ms Pei Chyi's blog entry! SO funny...I almost fell off my chair!(not literally). So she inspired me to do the same with my office people. Apparently I was the only bored one and not busy person in the office and I forced my hubby/colleague to entertain me.

Margaritas All ROUND!


And when I was out for an "all-girl-dinner" last night, Margaritas was on the top priority of 1st things to order!

All of us had at least 1 round of Margaritas ( I had two!!) except for Ms. Klin, who only stuck to water... AISeh! Food was fab, Dammit should not have worn my skinny jeans... my belly was like popping out after the heavy meal. Conversation was very girly, a tiny bit of bitchin...and lotsa laughing and MAN did we attract attention from a lot of people, in particularly MEN, yes old, young, ah pek, ah beng, hotness ang-moh... Nepalese waiter...YES... they were all looking curiously at 6 almost 30 years old ladies having a blast!

A Wolf In A Sheep "Baju" or A Sheep In A Wolf Pants??

Peeps! This gonna be one of those emo crap shit entry... that will most likely turn into a lesson in life! but but... am gonna keep it short...just to make a point!

Sometimes when you meet someone...they seem so nice and all sweet and you fall for every single word they say... you immediately trust them...and they turn into a monster ( well at least for me!) And when you meet a horrible person they turn out to be the most trustworthy person! What has the world come to or has it always been this way?

Have any of you ever come across these kinda people? I have and most of the time I turn a blind eye... until someone point it out to me. KINDA BLIND they will say to me!

Why?WHY?? OH WHY GOD!!!??? ( this is the emo shit crap part) why would people pretend to be someone that they are not? Nice=Nasty, Nasty= Nice?


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Me and Baby Bill

Everyone say HIE to Baby Bill!

Yes, one of my best friend gave birth to a healthy baby boy! And yes, he will be very significant in my life just as his mom is! Born on 29th March 2009 the day of his mommy's baby shower!

My Encounter With Johnny Bravo and Gym Bunny Wannabe

So I was at the gym yesterday and I got SUPER pissed off! ( help me out here to justify if I am being CRAZEE for getting upset!)

OK Scenario:

I was the 1st one in the gym and no one was there, so I open all the windows to let fresh air flow through the entire gym. In came a couple, lets call them Dick and Jane. The minute they came in without even considering others they automatically shut all the windows and on both the air con full blast and all the fans in the gym!

OK...I dunno but certain people, but I don't find exercising in "wintery" cold, while it is like 38 degrees outside the gym healthy with no fresh air! Anyhoos, maybe that is how some people like to "gym-it"

Dick and Jane did not have the decency to ask me if I was ok, but I told them that iI am going to off the fans that is directly blowing into my face and leave those on which are near them. They were like "hmm whatever" (what an arrogant DICK!)

So I was warming up and Dick took over my threadmill. OK fair enough my name is not on it so I went on the other machine. Technically if I remember that on off the basic gym etiqutte is to limit the machine use to 30mins if others are waiting to use it. Well...noooo, Dicko and Jane decided to go on it for like 40-50 mins while I was waiting to use it for a run! *roll eyes* In the end I just stuck to my own machine. (fuck)

So while I was doing my cardio, I seriously felt the chill from the aircon, so I decided to open the blinds directly in front of me to let the sun in to warm me up (note that by me opening my blinds, it doe snot in anyway affect them as they were on the other side of the room) Dick being a jerk came and close my blinds!!! WTF!!! I got off and open it back and gave his a very pissed off dirty look! All this time Jane was like full on make up running on the mill looking all like a typical gym bunny!

After I finished all my workout, I close back the blinds and on the remainding of the fan full blast and slam the door!

I should have given a piece of my mind to them but I was not sure if I was over reacting. But if I ever see them again, I WILL GIVE THEM MORE THAT A PIECE OF MY MIND!!! WHAT FUCKERS!!!

So tell me... Am I entitled to get pissed off and what should I have done!

P/S they do not have hot bodies and they are fugly! basically wannabees! awrrghhhh IDIOTS!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Creating Havoc And Leaving Trails Of Chaos

I realised that where ever me and my friends go and plus the element of booze and good music = TOTAL CHAOS!

Be it clubbing or pubbing or just hanging out at someone's house or someone's pool or by the beach...anywhere! We create havoc!

This is my life now... and has been ever since I can remember. So I was thinking... this will all end when I am pregnant and when I am a mom. But I must say it first, I will missed the craziness and the uncontrollable drinking and partying but at least I ENJOYED IT!

Am I ready to move on...YES I AM!

I am ready to give up my partying ways till maybe my kids are like old enough>

But for now, I am just enjoying my life as it is! :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I just started "gym-ing" ( got such word ar?) anyhoosss... After detoxing on and off I have decided I will never achieved my 50kgs if I don't to some know the traditional way. So the gym I go... actually I am so darn flabby, and that made me decide.
So, on Monday I went to the gym in my apartment... did 40 mins of cardio and alost died! Yes I am sooo unfit... I sweat like nobody's business even my undies and bra was drenched in sweat! (yea a bit gross!) .

It was a good feeling after that...even I know I did not lose anything except for water. But I felt different... yea right after one day on the mill I am suddenly FIT! bah! So so, yesterday I told hubby to come with me to the gym for motivational purposes... but he is more interested in sitting in from of the stupid plasma and play PS3, (to him that is his form of exercise.) Well...too bad...I went to the gym again and did 40 mins cardio again, sweat like $%^*()$% again! felt like DYING again!

TODAY! I am going AGAIN! if it does not rain then maybe I wanna go for a swim... kinda boring being in the gym all alone! Sigh I hope this will last! Or maybe last until I see some result.

** Need to include toning exercises!!- but have not a CLUE!**

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Toy Of The Week - BlackBerry Curve 8900


Trying to get hubby to pick up the bill! *fingers cross*

Monday, April 13, 2009

My Big Drama

What happens when two terrified 29 turning 30 year old women sees a tiny lizard the length of a pinky?

You will hear spine chilling terrifying horror movie screaming!

Yes. That picture was in my house on last Friday night at approximately 10.30 pm.

In Brief:

Khenglin was suppose to be at my house at 10pm to dress up and then headed to SOHO for a night of fun. By 10.30pm, still bra-less, dress-less, the doorbell rings. DAMMIT!!! I was still half naked, grabbed the nearest dress to me on the floor (ugly silver and purple tube dress that is 2 sizes to big- which Khenglin immediately disapproved when she saw it!) and went to let Khenglin in.... she was like "Babes whats whrong, why aren't you dress" and the next thing I did was look up and saw a tiny lizard on the ceiling!

I SCREAM, Khenglin SCREAM in confusion

I POINT to the lizard, She SCREAMS MORE

I continue sreaming and jumping up and down.

Finally when we managed to calm down, we realised that the lizard was inbetween me and Khenglin. I was connered! Khenglin being brave despite her FEAR for lizards got a broom and Sheltox... I just hid in my dressing room and she settled it for me... well she manage to scare the yucky lizard into some crack between the ceiling and cabinet. Then we started kncking on the cabinets hoping it will come out so we can spray it with bug decided to stay there! DAMN!

We manage to dress up silently and knowing the blardy lizard is still there and everytime we walk pass the cabinets our head will turn to watch out for it! PARANOID !


My Theory On Lizards:

Hubs was away in Langkawi for the weekend.
Lizards came out to play.
I swear that the lizards are out to get me!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Captured In Ink

My friend S drew this! Guess who?

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Am All Cleared!

I finally made an appointment and saw my new gynecologist, Dr. N. Very sweet man... handsome too...

Ok back to me...

As some readers may know, we are trying to get pregnant and I needed a "hospitable" womb in order to conceive. I had my fair share of fibroid and cysts and never ever had a regular period... in fact my periods were painful and heavy filled with large clots!

So about 2 years ago, my previous doctor wanted to flush my tubes and some other minor operation which freak my mom out and we decided to seek alternative remedies and I was on ganoderma (or also knows as reishi or lingzhi) and bee pollen for 1 year and my period started to regulate itself and clots were gone and so were the rolling-on-the-floor-with-hot-water-bottle-pain!

I continued taking the herbs for another year with lotsa faith and voila TODAY I went for my ultrasound ( which the Dr. N was absolutely gentle in his probing and scraping - for pap) and he explained to me that my womb is HOSPITABLE!! No signs of fibroids or cysts and my wall is plump and moist! It was like a tonne of stones lifted from my shoulders! I was so happy I almost cried!! (but must compose lar!) Unfortunately I am still stuck with a retroverted uterus, which is pretty common and no cause for major concern!

Dr. N told me that he will not do any fertility test just yet and hubs was off the hook on giving his "specimen" BUT, he sort of freaked out when I was doing my ultrasound when Dr. N whipped out a very large and long dildo look-a-like scan and gel it up with lubricant and cap it with a condom!I could see from his reaction like "what the hellllllllll!!!" and I could see he was more in pain when Dr. N inserted the look-a-like dildo scan into me and twril it from left to right center up and down! When I asked him, he tried to maintain but I know... after 30 minutes later he admitted was afraid for me and ask if it was painful... I just told him that it would probably feel like an anal probe examination.

We are so happy now and all we need to do is have sex! which should not be hard!


Wednesday, April 08, 2009


When it comes to new technology, well I have a mindset of an 80 year old! I am terrified of it... I hate reading manuals. And I am so afraid that if I pressed the wrong button, the whole thing will self destruct!

I love to write notes or anything the traditional way. But I have to get on with times! (But I still have loads of notebooks and pretty pens with different colours!)

My recent technological breakthrough was how to on and play movies and music on the PS3. It took me 2 years to learn that! No, I am not SLOW, I am afraid... I did delete some stuff off and hubs was not impressed!

Then my next attempt on technology was my dad's old Blackberry ( which I NOW absolutely ADORE!!! - makes me look like a high profile business woman who make multibillion dollar deals!) So hubs hook me up with it and it took me weeks to learn how to use it properly and now... I can say I am 70% sure on all its applications!

So today, I decided to buy a new BlackBerry phone! Just one small problem, have not a clue on the specifications. Ok maybe a few specs which I am clueless about like what the hell is a 3.2MP camera? Is 3.2 MP good enough?? Why do they have "enhanced media player"? Isn't the media player A media player? It has a built in GPS ( that I know) and BlackBerry Map. OK isn't both the same thing? The display...battery life....WIFI WPA?WPA2 Apa tu? 802.11b/g????

In the end...I just asked hubs to pick out for me... so now I am getting a BlackBerry Curve8900. Well, I stillhave not gotten it yet... all I need to do is get to the store and buy it. But I think I better ask another BlackBerry user first! Hubs does not support BlackBerry so I am kinda afriad he will sabo me and then ask me to switch back to a Nokia or HTC or SAMSUNG. That cunning fellow!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Moi...A Bag Whore??!!

My friend just called me a bag whore... am I suppose to be flattered or insulted?


Correction I am not just any bag whore...I am a High Fashion Bag Whore. I also do cheap long as they are bags... I think some good friends of mine can agree with me...

Ohhh I am also a shoe whore...!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Once A Raver, Always A Raver!

I have a saying for myself and myself only...more like a self proclamation/denial that I am still young and hip like when I was partying myself sick during my Uni days!

"Once a Raver, Always a Raver!"

Yes! I am that RAVER!

Don't remember if I have written any entry on my rave parties, but hey I can go on and on about it...

Yes, I thought that I could not do it anymore... but well... I did it and now I am suffering from sore feet, calves, arms, the whole body from dancing (jumping) too much!!!

Friday, April 03, 2009


My BRAND new toy... a dust buster from Black & Decker! OHhhh so just suck suck suck up all the dust and stray hair and tiny bugs and crumbs!!! It just give me a tingling feeling every time I on it!

Hi! My name is Lynn and I am a cleanaholic!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Still Crazee...crazeee...crazeeeeeeeeeeeee

Last weekend was one of the best weekend I ever had in a long long LONG time!! We took over the whole bar and brought the house down, drank beer, Guinness, Kilkenny, lotsa cocktails, lethal concoction of alcohol, shots of Tequila, dance the salsa, sing to 80s and 90s music, bonded with old and new friends and GOT TOTALLY PISSED DRUNK and puked by the roadside. Sounds like a 20 year old uni student~!

I am still young at heart! *wink*

I Heart Mulberry

Mulberry Iconic Bayswater Bag

My parents have taste! SO DO I!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha... I am so spoilt!

I finally got the bag today when my parents came home last night... and when I open the oh-so-pretty heart went like *thump thump thump* and I got another surprise... they got me the matching purse!!!

And I tought it was an April Fool's joke! parents can be darlings sometimes!