Thursday, December 18, 2008

A New Journal For A New Year

I bought a new journal for next year (like I always do), I promised myself I would use it (like I always do), and I have a feeling that I will not and it will sit on my desk untouched and later on will be in my drawer and by the end of the year it will be DEEP in my drawer with stuff on top. (That is how I found my 2008 journal).

So I opened my new journal and ohhh so beautiful… fresh clean pages with lines and endless lines for me to jot down anything at all...

I sat down with my open journal and a pen and decided to write down my New Year resolutions… and then BLANK!

I will see the journal next year under piles of nonsense.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The One With The Cicaks

I was reading K-Lin’s blog entries on her fear for lizards and it “inspired” this entry. After reading her entries, I realized I AM NOT ALONE!! There are actually real people out there like me…totally freak out at the sound and sight of a lizard! Yes I know…it’s so small… and we are so big… but you don’t understand!!

I do not know how K-Lin’s fear of lizards came about, but hell I sure do remember how mine came about… actually more like a string of unfortunate events.

It all started out many moons ago with Milo…yes my morning cup of hot comforting Milo which the stupid cicak (lizard) decided that I would be ok to share my Milo with it since I was already sharing my room with its cousins!!! So can you imagine the blisters I got from it! Never mind that…fast forward couple of years, when I hit puberty, the cicak decided to base jump from the air-con to the valley of my boobies!! YES!! It landed rite in between my boobs! I will leave the rest to your imagination… The worst was during the late 90s my mom was spotting the latest curls in town and YES the cicak once again thought that mom’s hair looked like a comforting bed of god knows what and landed on her curls and got trapped!! Guess who had to remove it? ME!!! I remember well…I did not remove anything… I was too “eewwwww” and I ran and ran and ran… until today I am still running away from “it”. So yes… my fear of lizards started out when I was young.

Today, when I see or hear any lizards, I will run and scream for my life. At home I keep my windows and doors shut to make sure no lizards can come in. I check public toilets for signs of any lizards and I would rather get UTI than to share a toilet with it! I would make “shooshhhh” sound at it, bang the door, bang the wall, and scare it with a broom/mop when I see one on our balcony. If all else fail, I have my official cicak disposal man. My Hubby. Yes he will do it for a fee. He will only dispose off the lizard after witnessing my “tribal dance” complete with cold sweat and tears around the house.

So K-Lin, I am so glad we share the same fear and one day… we will conquer our fear…but for now I think I will just live with it.

Cameron Highland My Arse!

With the economic meltdown, I was advise to travel locally..."Cuti- cuti Malaysia" ! So I decided to give it a chance. To Cameron Highlands we went over the long weekend and........Cameron sucks! BIG TIME! NEVER EVER GO BACK AGAIN!!! EVER!!

Things are overpriced, rain the whole time, super run down, super traffic jam, super SUCKS!

The place we stayed in "The Lakehouse" suppose to be one of the more better place was not worth it for the price we paid. The room stinks and water pressure was low and the carpet was with stains and all. I cringe thinking about it!
Wasted my whole weekend...