Friday, January 29, 2010

The One If We Were "Hairy-er"

I came across this picture posted on FB of me and my KL girlies having a good time chillin in Bali.

and on the comments section, hubs wrote:
Jack Chan: if you guys are any hairy-er this pic would have looked something like this.... (and then attached this picture)


So jahat rite??

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The One Where Reality Bites

I am 30 years old.

I found my 1st white hair.

Reality finally bites.

Monday, January 25, 2010

The One With The Wasted Weekend

People know I can get pretty obsess with something with I am totally 100% in it! Well... I was obsess with my TVB drama over the weekend.  Call me crazy but I did not leave the house the whole of Saturday and Sunday cause I was glued on my flat screen with lo and behold... 30 something episodes of Beyond the Realm of Conscience.

So for two days, I was in my pjs and armed with snacks and hubs( translator). I was set for my great marathon.... 

When the "tai kit kok" (finale) was done... I was cursing on the director of the series!!! Super anti climatic....the evil concubine and the evil head of eunuch's fall was super not nice loh... like the eunuch got stab by the evil concubine... then finish... wtf..I was expecting something more interesting on the way he died! The the evil queen just become siau siau and then forgiven!! WTF!! so many people die then like this only...Major disappointment...somemore the Cantonese super flowery loh... don't understand shit... some more subtitles in Chinese! I mean seriously if a person can read Chinese, of coz they know how to listen to Chinese rite?? then what for subtitles in Chinese??

So now... I am like super sleepy cause of the stupid drama... *yawn* and and and...I did not go for my swim for 2 days, and I did not do my groceries, laundry and other stuff... talk about wasted!

OK back to work...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Snap Out Of It!

I wanna thank some of my readers and friends for being absolutely supportive and positive on my recent "emo" phase. I am much much better now and recovering as the days pass.

How did I snapped out of my "emo" stage?

Well I need to thank my mom for "forcing" me to take up a meditation classes ... at first I was kinda ewww about it... I mean I am like one of the last person on earth that can actually blank my mind, relax and sit still for 5 minutes, let alone 30 full minutes!! ( and that is the minimum time) I did give the lotsa shit to the people organizing the meditation class...just cause I am a bitch.... nola...cause they are double standard and refused to speak English! But then good also, I manage to learn a bit of Mandarin, which I have totally forgotten how to pronounce in the proper tone. So ok... after 3 days of learning to meditate and had my chakras open and attuned... I felt like so much lighter... not in weight but "soul" wise... I can think clearly, I am not that easily agitated ( still that does not give anyone a reason to piss me off!) I let things go easily, more focus, more reasonable...basically not so ANAL!

I also started swimming again on a daily basis which helps me to calm my mind and at the same time tone my flabby bits. So now my routine is waking up at 6.30am...water the plants, mop the floor, tidy up the house, have my daily grind, do my no. 2 business, swim, shower and leave for work by 10am. So far so good... I prefer to swim in the morning where there is no one around... I seriously hate doing laps with a pool full of kids with their ginormous flotation devices (which shud be ban!!) and people doing full-on-thinking- they- are -competing in the Olympics freestyle causing tidal waves! Super annoying... not to forget the aunties and uncles swimming in the wrong direction!

So...these two major changes I recently made in my life have made me realized that hey I have actually automatically start on my personal resolutions!

I also have come to terms with my insane obsession over having a baby... I have decided that if it happens, it happens... if it does not...then too bad... my life still have to go on...and not be dictated by the fact that I have to HAVE a baby now...

2010 is gonna be a busy year for me and hubs! We are pretty pack for the whole year. After CNY, hubs and I have decided to learn scuba diving and hopefully will be going for a dive or two in Pulau Tenggol. After that, we will be back to Melbourne for a few months and be back in Penang by June in time to move into our new house. Then it will be off again to Melbourne in August and back by October to attend my BFF's wedding in Bali....then to close the year... we will be heading to South America to bring in 2011! In between all the major "events" we will also be commuting to and fro from Bangkok, KL and Hong Kong and God knows where else. So you see....where got time to have babies??

Life is good when you take your time to see it at a good way...vice versa.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Fresh Look ....

....for a new start...a new perspective on life...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Emotionally Messed Up

Christmas 2009 and the New Year went by in a daze... I did nothing...why?? coz I keep asking:

Have you ever feel that your life is all good....but actually it's not? But then again it is when there are so much more people worse off....

I had that wave of emotions for the last 2-3 months...

I was happy with my life... what's not to be? I have a fabulous hubby, a good paying job, all material things a person could ever have to be comfortable, friends, a social life, a loving family...everyone is healthy even my mom's dogs and fishes are all fine and dandy.

BUT at the same time I was unhappy... on the surface, everyone who met me would think OH wow!! she is so happy with life.,.. but then what you see outside (or in Facebook) is not what it really is behind close doors.

I was trying to pinpoint what exactly is wrong... I spoke to myself while taking a dump, showering, eating, driving....basically I was having a never ending conversation with myself... at one point I tot I was going insane!!

Then I finally spoke to my mom and hubby... and they made me realized that what was going on was the stress of work and year end performance reporting, the pressure of having a baby for all sides of our family and the clock ticking and the fear of western fertility treatment(coz got needles and all and yes I am a chicken shit!)

Pressure...that was the problem... that was what I was ignoring and did not want to acknowledge...that was when one fine day... I broke down... I hid myself in my laundry room and cried my eyes out and I felt all better after... and decided that sometimes we need to cry and its ok to cry... even when its a small thing...

Emotionally, I am still in a mess... I do not know when I will be ok... but my life still have to go on... I guess... that is what life is afterall.... there will be ups and downs...

I will be fine... I have to be... No I will NOT kill myself!! I just need more time to sort it out...